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As real estate rookies, whose majority of knowledge about purchasing a home comes from reality TV shows, Annie was an invaluable source of wisdom during the 8 months my husband and I spent in the shark-infested waters known as Vancouver real estate. Annie’s role in our lives shifted from realtor to therapist, to coach, then back to therapist again. Handling our indecisiveness with expert skill, Annie walked us through the pros and cons of each home we spent countless hours picking apart in detail. Annie not only understood our teenage levels of angst, she never made us feel like our nail-biting and fretting was an over-reaction. We always felt one step ahead of the other poor souls buying in this market, because we had Annie on our side. When she called us late one night, after a full day of negotiations, with the amazing news that we had secured our dream home, we knew it was only possible because of how much effort and skill she had poured into finding us the right home for us. If you’re looking for an unnaturally calm, powerful valkyrie to guide you through the real estate market, go with Annie Bridge.”

-Michaela & Robert
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